6-Year-Old Girl Sees Mom Having A Seizure And Saves Her Life By Calling For Help

Each of us has a hero inside, and sometimes, kids surprise us with the great things they can do even at the most rattling moments in life.

Mom And Daughter

Jennifer Hill and her six-year-old daughter Quinn Hill have an incredible story to tell after the sweet young girl saved her mom’s life with her quick thinking.

A Normal Evening

On January 10, at the Hill household in the small town of Conover, North Carolina, Jennifer was busy preparing dinner for her two kids.

An Emergency

While going about her usual tasks, Jennifer suddenly collapsed, her body convulsing and eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. This prompted Quinn to repeatedly out to her, but she was not responding.

So She Got Help

Quinn immediately ran out of the house, with her younger brother in tow, and sought help. Even in the midst of a worrisome situation, she remembered to look both ways before crossing the street, and then a neighbor heard her plea for help.

Help Arrived

The neighbor quickly contacted Jennifer’s husband, Lt. Jason Hill, who coordinated the arrival of emergency medical services.

Her Diagnosis

After arriving at the hospital, Jennifer was diagnosed with a grand mal seizure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that seizures like this could have various causes that range from brain injuries to unknown factors.

She’s A Hero

People have been commending Quinn for her bravery at such a young age. She even earned a special honor from the town’s mayor, Kyle J. Hayman, after he declared February 5 as “Quinn Hill Day” in a momentous ceremony during a city council meeting.

She’s Her Angel

After the incident, Jennifer reflected on the impact it had on her family, and how she’s immensely grateful and proud of her daughter’s heroic actions. She said, “Proud is an understatement. She’s my angel. She’s my hero for what she did.”

Watch how Quinn saved her mother’s life in the video below.

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