Rescuer Frees Mountain Lion Stuck In Trap

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A lot of people have been giving huge efforts to preserve wildlife, and this story is one of the most incredible scenes of how a man saves a wild mountain lion.

Utah Wildlife


A Utah Wildlife conservation officer received a call regarding a trapped cougar and he did everything he could to free the mountain lion.

Officer Elkins

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DWR conservation officer Mark Elkins arrived at the scene and exhausted his tools to successfully free the cougar.

No Trapping Cougars


In Utah, it is illegal to intentionally trap a cougar, so when hunters come across a mountain lion in a trap they are legally obliged to free the animal or notify authorities within two days.

Caught Badly

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Officer Elkins said that large cougars can usually pull out of the traps themselves because the traps are designed to avoid harming the animals, but in this particular incident, the big cat needed his help to get out of the trap.

Big Effort


Usually, Officer Elkins uses a tranquilizer dart to easily free a wild animal but he doesn’t always have access to one, especially in remote areas like where this cougar was.

Rescuing The Big Cat

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Officer Elkins used catch poles to try and free the cougar’s paw.

A More Difficult Situation

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As they were struggling to free the cat, the cougar leaped onto a tree branch causing it to snap. Fortunately, Officer Elkins quickly and calmly grabbed the catch pole and pulled the big cat in.

Mission Success

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After the successful rescue, Officer Elkins used a blanket to calm the cougar and safely freed his paw. The mountain lion only had a small scrape on his paw but he was all-in-all unharmed as he ran back into the wild.

Watch Officer Elkin’s intense rescue in the video below.

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