Baby Elephant Gets Stuck On Muddy Bank

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With everyone going hand in hand to help, everything becomes so much easier and better.

Intelligent Mammals


Elephants are one of the largest land mammals on the planet and they are most likely the most intelligent and caring mammals in Africa.

Strong Family Bond


Their species have strong family bonds. Related females stay together for life in a breeding herd. The gestation period for an elephant calf is twenty-two months so baby elephants are a huge investment for the mother and the whole breeding herd.

Enjoying A Mud Bath

Rumble, EmotionsofAfrica

Tourists in Kruger National Park spotted a herd of elephants coming out of a mud bath in a wallow.

Someone Got Left Behind

Rumble, EmotionsofAfrica

All the elephants have gone out of the mud wallow, but a tiny baby elephant remained behind in the wallow.

Mom To The Rescue

Rumble, EmotionsofAfrica

Her mother was right there but it was difficult for her to rescue her baby from the deep wallow. The baby elephant kept on slipping in the mud as the mother elephant repeatedly attempts to get her out.

The Others Helped

Rumble, EmotionsofAfrica

Suddenly, other herd members ran towards the struggling mother and calf. One female elephant joined the mother and in a joint effort, they managed to rescue the baby using their trunks to lift her out of the mud.

Clumsy Little Elephant

Rumble, EmotionsofAfrica

The calf took a knock from her mother’s knee in the face by accident while she was rushing to move on. She pulled herself together and ran after her mom. Suddenly she tripped and fell so she quickly got up again and continued running to keep up with the herd.

A Breath Of Relief


After all of the troubles they’ve witnessed, the people were very relieved to finally see the baby elephant out of the mud and be reunited with her mother.

Watch the baby elephant’s cute struggles in the video below.

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