Multiracial Couple Gives Birth To Twins With Different Skin Colors

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There are people who do not like being unique as it attracts a lot of attention and curiosity, but still, many people can agree that being unique is something someone should still be proud of.

Friends For Life


Having a twin has many perks. Aside from the silly fact that you can mislead people with your identities, having someone who stays by your side and shares the same interests as you instantly gives you a best friend for life.

Meet Alison And Dean

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Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant fell in love, got married, and started a family as a lot of people dream of doing.

They’re Having Twins


The lovely couple was thrilled when they found out that they were having twins, but they did not expect that they were in for a surprise.

A Rare Case

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In 2001, Alison gave birth to Hayleigh and Lauren, and everyone was in awe when they saw that the twins have different skin colors.

Interesting Event

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One of the twins had fair and light hair like her mom while the second twin had dark skin and hair like her dad.

Different Reactions


Alison and Dean said that a lot of people were amazed by their children’s uniqueness, but there were also others who would give insensitive comments and even accuse them of lying.

Seven Years Later

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After seven years, Alison gave birth again to twins with the same condition – Miya looked like her dad and got his dark skin and hair while her twin sister, Leah, got their mom’s fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair.

What Are The Odds?

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Dr. Sarah Jarvis of Britain’s Royal College of General Practitioners told CBS that “Even non-identical twins aren’t that common,” and we agree! Two sets of twins, both with different colored skin, are more than just rare.

Watch the Durrant family’s story in the video below.

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