Mysterious Dog Who Wandered Onto Couple’s Front Porch Gets Adopted

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There are thousands of things we can possibly find at our home when we get back after a long day – one of them is a friendly dog.

A Coming-Home Surprise

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A couple named Zach and Libby came home one day from an award ceremony recognizing a coworker named Rikki Maisonet, AKA Turbo, and they were surprised when they spotted something waiting by their porch.

Dog Or Bear?


They live in an isolated rural area so it’s possible that it was a bear, but when Zach saw its wagging tail, he confirmed that it was indeed a dog.

Where Did It Come From?


Zach and Libby live on a 200-acre property in Arkansas, and they do not have neighbors nearby so they had no idea where the dog came from.

He Needs Help

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The couple couldn’t leave the poor dog alone outside as it was unsafe and he was clearly sick so they decided to take him in until they find his owner.

He’s Calm

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Zach and Libby gave the dog a bath and they could see he was very dehydrated and wasn’t able to move freely. He was also a bit disoriented but he was so calm when he was being given a bath.

He’s Eight


The couple took the dog to a vet where they found out that he was about eight years old. He was prescribed some medications for his ailments. Zach and Libby also asked the vet if he had seen the dog before, but he hadn’t.

Finding His Owner


Libby’s mom posted the dog’s photos all over Facebook to try to locate his owner, but no one claimed him, so they decided to adopt him instead.

Meet Turbo

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The couple then named him Turbo after Zach’s coworker, “Turbo,” at the Distribution Center.

A New Sibling

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Although Turbo did not get along pretty well with Zach and Libby’s other dog, Ava, at first, over time, the two dogs learned to love each other and became good friends.

Watch how Zach and Libby met their new dog, Turbo, in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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