Naughty Dog Jokingly Drags Owner Around The Backyard

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When your pet dog does something you don’t expect, it can either be funny or alarming.

They Love Going Outdoors


Dogs love playing outside. Just hearing their owner get their leash makes them instantly excited.

This Dog Got Overly Excited

Rumble, Ric99

When this dog was brought by his owner in their backyard to play, he got overly excited, his owner didn’t expect his reaction.

His Kind Of “Play”

Rumble, Ric99

Because of his uncontainable emotions, the dog grabbed his owner by the hood of her jacket and dragged her across the floor.

She Laughs Hysterically

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Despite the surprising actions of her dog, the owner seems to be having fun being dragged around by her dog. This shows how much she trusts her pet.

Not What She Expected


Normally, when dogs are taken outside, they are expected to play fetch or chase with their owner or with other dogs, but that’s not the case with this one.

“Let’s Go Here”

Rumble, Ric99

After a series of dragging around, the dog still can’t figure out where to take his owner, and this causes the woman to laugh even more.

He Won’t Let Go

Rumble, Ric99

Eventually, the woman thought the dog has already gotten tired, but she realized that he’s still at it. “He’s trying to do it again!” she exclaimed.

Train Them Young


The woman is lucky her dog is kind enough not to hurt her despite his choice of “play,” but to make sure our dogs won’t make any risky actions we do not expect, it’s best to start training them while they’re still young.

Watch how the naughty dog misbehaved and dragged his owner across the floor in the video below.

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