Couple On Vacation Comes Home To New Roof After Construction “Mix-Up”

Don’t worry. This story has a happy ending.

Meet The Centers

Oklahoma couple, Deborah and Scott Center, were out of town for business when they got an unexpected call from a contractor.

What Happened

As it turns out, there had been a mix-up with the address given to a roofing crew after two numbers on the address got swapped.

Men At Work

The roofing company was already in the midst of replacing the Centers’ roof when they realized their error.

It Was A Disaster

Trucks were already in the driveways, a dumpster was out front, and the workers were already busy working atop the house and dismantling the roof piece by piece.

The Solution

When Deborah and Scott received the call, they were dumbfounded, but the company promised to replace the roof at no cost.

And So They Did

In the end, the Centers got a new roof, which was a total upgrade from the original. The roofing company ensured a quality replacement and even covered all costs, which amounted to about $30,000.

Blessing In Disguise

This “incident” actually saved the Centers a lot of expenses because they were actually planning a future roof replacement.

Good Job!

The roofing company’s professionalism and accountability are noteworthy in this particular situation. We all make mistakes, but what really sets a company apart is how it handles these setbacks.

Watch the story of how the Centers got a free roof replacement in the video below.

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