Boston Zoo Says Hi To Its First Newborn Pygmy Hippopotamus

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The beauty of new life is a constant wonder and blessing in this world. However, there are parents who had to go through a lot before finally embracing their little one.

Meet Cleopatra

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Cleopatra, also known as Cleo, is a pygmy hippopotamus at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts.

Her Tragic Experiences

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Cleopatra experienced great grief and loss after she gave birth to stillborn calves twice due to complications from prolonged labor.

Determined Staff


Despite the sad story, the members of the zoo refused to give up. They participated in the Pygmy Hippo Species Survival Plan which is an inter-zoo plan established to support endangered or threatened species.

Cleo Is Pregnant

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With the Species Survival Plan’s personal recommendations for Cleo, our hippo was able to get pregnant with her mate, Inocencio.

All Hands On Deck

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The entire team was committed and this time they were ready to ensure Cleo’s successful delivery. The zoo made sure that the hippo received her injections on time “and her care team monitored her and the baby around the clock through the weekend with ultrasounds every few hours.”

The Big Day

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Finally, on October 5, 2020, Cleo gave birth to a beautiful 13-pound calf.

Making History

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The whole staff was filled with joy as the baby boy was the first pygmy hippo birthed at the New England zoo. They said, “The birth was a joyous moment marking the culmination of years of work, careful planning, and dedication by the animal care and veterinary teams.”

Bouncing Baby Boy

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According to Dr. Eric Baitchman, the Zoo New England Vice President of Animal Health and Conservation, “The calf was immediately so bright, strong and aware, and was holding his head up right away. The calf was introduced to Cleo soon after birth and was nursing within a few hours.”

Watch Cleo’s joyful moment when she gave birth to her first son in the video below.

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