High Energy Line Dancers Move Along To Bee Gees’ “Night Fever”

YouTube, Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas

Dancing is not only considered a fantastic mood-booster but also an effective health aid.

The Young Hearts Rome

YouTube, Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas

A group of line dancers called Young Hearts Rome performed a routine that beats every other choreography there is.

Leading The Group


In the video of their dance, a man is positioned in front, leading the whole group as they dance in front of the camera.

Their Jam


The dancers are moving along with the melody of Bee Gees’ classic hit song “Night Fever”, and the accompanying finger-pointing dance looks easy enough for anyone to get the hang of when Young Hearts Rome dances to it.

They’ve Got The Moves

YouTube, Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas

Everyone is dressed in their best attire, and they all got their big smiles on which effectively adds life to their awesome moves.

Tireless Moments

YouTube, Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas

The whole group spins, claps, wiggles, and have a great time while at the same time showcasing their impressive dancing skills.

Wonderful Time To Be Alive

YouTube, Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas

A lot of people in the comments section thanked the dance group for making the video. They got to reminisce about the 70s.

Beneficial Recreation


Science proves that dancing is one of the best activities that boosts both mental and physical health.

For The Seniors


Dancing can also help prevent falls, improve posture, sharpen the mind, and increase the flexibility of older people.

Watch the Young Hearts Rome’s line dance choreography of “Night Fever” in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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