3 Nuns Adopt Unwanted Senior Pit Bull

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When we get older, we’ll realize that we only got a short time left to spend with those who are dear to us, so it’s important that we fill our hearts with so much love for us to share with them up until our last breath.

Meet The Three Sisters


Sisters Virginia Johnson, Veronica Mendez, and Alice Goldsmith are nuns in their 70s and 80s who live together in Nyack, New York.

Their Late Friend


The three of them had a dog named Kate for 7 years until she had recently passed away because of lymphoma symptoms that led to her being put down.

No More Sulking


Grief weighed heavy on the nuns’ hearts, but they eventually made the decision to move on and find a dog in need of love and care.

Meeting Remy

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The nuns made their way to the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, New York where they met the 9-year-old pit bull named Remy.

Lonely Pit Bull


Remy spent three months in a shelter because she was always passed over in favor of more “likable” breeds and younger dogs.

She’s The One

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Sister Veronica said, “As soon as I saw the sign that said ‘9 years,’ I said, ‘This is the one. No one is going to want this one.'”

They Love Her

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Remy was calm and sweet and when she got out of her kennel to meet the nuns, she leaned into Sister Virginia’s chest and sighed.

Match Made In Heaven

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The nuns took Remy home and she immediately fit right in. Shelter workers would do a follow-up visit, and they witnessed how the three sisters and the senior dog are perfectly made for one another.

Watch how Remy found a loving home in the video below.

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