Sweet Toddler Gives Nursing Dog Some Kisses

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Most of the time, little children’s actions and attitudes are a reflection of how they were brought up by their parents.

Values And Morals


It is crucial that parents teach their little ones proper attitude and good character at a young age. This may be tricky, yes, but they will likely hold on to these values as they grow up.

A Technique


Some parents believe that raising a child with pets around will help teach them compassion, empathy, and trust.

Other Benefits


A lot of people also say that having a pet also helps develop the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and non-verbal communication skills.

Instant Best Friend


While some parents might be afraid of having pets’ sharp teeth or claws around their little ones, there are also people who are confident enough to provide a playmate for their child by getting a dog or a cat to watch over their kids.

A Sweet Moment

YouTube, RM Videos

A pet cam video captured how sweet and gentle little children can be toward a pet dog when a toddler lovingly showed affection to her Golden Retriever.

Mama Doggo

YouTube, RM Videos

The little girl sneaked into the room where the mama dog was nursing her litter of newborn puppies and then gently petted the Golden Retriever on the head.

Some Kisses

YouTube, RM Videos

After a short while of observing what the mama dog was doing, the little girl then gave her some kisses and petted some of her babies too.

This Kind Of Trust


It’s amazing how the dog and the little girl trust each other. Moreso, when the mama dog let the toddler around her newborn babies? That’s some kind of trust right there!

Watch the captured precious moment between the little girl and her big dog in the video below.

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Source: Animal Channel

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