Bride And Groom Have Their First Dance On Ice

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Being able to spend your life with someone who loves you is a huge blessing.

First Dance


Long-term couples may have already danced with each other several times all throughout their relationship, but their first dance after getting married is still the most memorable one.

Meet Leah and Devinder

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Leah and Devinder are figure skaters who fell in love with each other, and now they’re about to tie the knot.

Their Interest


Since they share the same interest in figure skating, the couple decided that instead of a classic dance, they would be doing their first dance on ice.

The Big Day


The big day comes and Leah and Devinder are set on a frozen pond to have their first dance as husband and wife.

A “Perfect” Moment


Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” plays and the lovely couple starts gliding gracefully across the frozen pond.

A Skillful First Dance

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Sometimes, they would show off a bit by slowly spinning and then transitioning to a quick jump before landing on one foot into another spin.

Mesmerizing Routine

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Leah and Devinder skate backward and forward hand in hand as if they are the only ones out there.

Skating To Forever


This unique wedding moment signifies Leah and Devinder’s love for each other and for their passion as well, and this is definitely the start of their journey together as skating husband and wife.

Watch their mesmerizing first dance on ice in the video below.

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