7-Year-Old Girl Leads Full Orchestra With Her Three-Stringed Instrument

YouTube Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

Who knew that a little girl could be capable of leading a big group of tenured musicians?

Meet Anastasia

YouTube Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

Anastasia Tiurina is a 7-year-old Russian musician who doesn’t let her age get in the way of showing her talent to the world.

Her Instrument


Anastasia plays a three-stringed triangular mandolin-like instrument called Balalaika to create beautiful music.

Stealing The Spotlight

YouTube Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

The 7-year-old performed Alexander Shalov’s Russian folk song “Valenki” with the National Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments.

The Lead Musician


The little girl led the whole orchestra with her skillful playing of her Balalaika.

She Knows Who To Follow

YouTube Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

Anastasia fixes her eyes on the swinging hands of the conductor while smiling at her peers by her side.

Passion And Talent

YouTube Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

With every strum, the little girl shows passion for what she is doing.

Creating A Beautiful Music


Anastasia’s talent combined with the harmonious playing of instruments of the whole orchestra create the perfect music for everyone to hear.

People Admire Her Talent

YouTube Comment Screenshot, Anastasia Tyurina

Those who’ve seen her performance are convinced that some people are born with natural talent in their bones.

Watch how a 7-year-old girl led a full orchestra with her tiny instrument in the video below.

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