Little Boy Forgets It’s Pajama Day So Bus Driver Comes To The Rescue

This story demonstrates how small acts of kindness can bring people together and strengthen their feeling of community.

A Noble Worker

People all throughout the world have been amazed by a bus driver’s small act of generosity, which has turned him into a symbol of goodwill and community.

Meet Larry And Levi

Larry Farrish is a school bus driver who’s grown fond of a little boy named Levi who’s known for his infectious cheerfulness and bright smile.

An Unfateful Day

One day, Larry noticed that was upset, and then he found out that it was because he forgot it was his school’s Pajama Day.

He’s Unprepared

Since Levi didn’t have his pajamas with him, he wasn’t going to be able to participate in the school event and Larry couldn’t just stand by and let poor Levi be left out.

He Did Something

Larry said, “It hurt me so bad. That just wasn’t my Levi, and I wanted him to have a good day. No child should have to miss out on something as small as pajama day.”

Hero Of The Day

After his morning routes, Larry went to the local Family Dollar store and bought two pairs of pajamas for Levi.

He Saved The Day

He then brought the pajamas to the school and made sure Levi could join in on Pajama Day. He said, “I saw Levi coming down the hall, and he had a face just as happy as could be. It really turned the whole Friday around, for him and for me.”

He Was Touched

Larry and Levi’s friendship serves as a positive reminder of people’s innate kindness. Levi said, “I can tell Mr. Larry is nice and his heart is filled with joy. I’m usually really happy, but not on pajama day. When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry.”

Watch how Larry saved Pajama Day for Levi in the video below.

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