Zoo Welcomes Two Critically Endangered And Very Cute Red Panda Cubs

Great news for Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania: they recently got to welcome two red panda cubs! (And they’re absolutely adorable.)

The Cubs Were Born to First-Time Parents

5-year-old Pumori and 7-year-old Delilah are the two lucky parents of the baby red panda bears.

July 8, 2020 Was the Big Day

A little over a month ago, the two cubs were born: one female and one male.

Initially, the Cubs Were Struggling in Their First Few Weeks

Panda specialists are currently keeping a close eye on the cubs as zoo staff noticed that both of them were “failing to gain weight naturally” after birth.

But Now, They’re Doing Great!

Although they’re still being monitored, the close observation and extra care of the cubs so far have made a difference. And staff recently witnessed the adorable critters open their eyes for the first time.

And the Birth is Extra Exciting Since the Red Panda Population is Critically Endangered

According to World Wild Life, it’s estimated that there are less than 10,000 red pandas left, making them an endangered species. Whatever the exact population may be, experts can add two more to that number.

And Another Reason to Celebrate is Because Breeding Delilah and Pumori Was a Difficult Task

When Delilah arrived at Erie Zoo in November, they intentionally placed her with Pumori. However, it took them a while to warm up to one another.

“It took them some time. Delilah was a little standoffish at first. In the wild, they would be solitary. They would generally only get together to breed and then they would separate, and she would have the cubs. It’s not unusual, but it took a little time and then they kind of got to know each other,” said Scott Mitchell, the president of Erie Zoological Society.

But They Eventually Came to Like One Another and Both Make Great Parents

All good things take time, right? Fortunately, it looks like Pumori and Delilah make a great team. I sure hope the two are enjoying the beauty of parenthood now that they have cubs of their own!

With No Names Yet, the Zoo Plans to Hold a Naming Contest for the Two Cubs Soon

President Mitchell and the rest of the team were mostly concerned with ensuring the cubs were safe and healthy after birth, but as time goes on, they’ll eventually have Erie Zoo fans help name the cubs!

For Now, You Can Enjoy Pictures and Footage of the Sweet Cubs

As we wait for the two cuties to be named (and to possibly get to see them in person in the future), we can still enjoy viewing them from an appropriate social distance and get creative with possible names.


Source: People

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