Woman In Danger Leaves Note In Gas Station Bathroom


In dangerous situations, it’s not always easy to get help so we must think of clever ways to do so.

Midnight Call


On Sept. 29, at around 1:00 a.m., the police responded to a call from a gas station along Highway 68 in Monroe County in southeast Tennessee.

Random Note


The call was about an employee who found a disturbing note inside the public restroom.

What The Note Said


The note read: “Police… Tell room 218. I need help. He broke my cell phone.”

Looking For The Room


Sweetwater police Sgt. Kevin Franco and another officer checked nearby hotels to find the author of the note based on the room number mentioned in it.



Eventually, the police found a man, woman, and child inside room 218 at one of the hotels.

Abused Woman And Child


The police said that the woman told them that her boyfriend had beaten her several times that day so the man was arrested for simple domestic assault.

Her Physical State


Sgt. Franco told WVLT, “Her nose was bloody, bruising on her chin, bruising on the top of her head. You can tell she had been a victim of some type of assault.”

Most Dangerous Calls


The U.S. Department of Justice said that from 2010 to 2016, some 40 percent of calls that ended with police fatalities were related to domestic violence. That’s why the police never go to a domestic violence call alone.

Source: FaithTap

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