Concerned Passersby Team Up To Find Two Lost Children’s Parents

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Little children can be really sneaky at times that they can slip past their guardian’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Biker Friends


A biker and his friends were passing through Mt. Rushmore when they came across two unsupervised little kids running by the roadside.

From The Parking Lot


The kids were just off the parking lot of Mt. Rushmore National Park in South Dakota so the bikers thought they might have run off from one of the RVs in there.

Missing Parents

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The bikers asked the older kid where they came from, but he pointed in the other direction from the parking lot.

More People Helped

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A green car also stopped before the bikers, and three women and one man came out and immediately moved the children to safety before they ran out into the road.

Comforting Them


The children were crying as they were surely scared their parents weren’t around. When the young boy saw his little sister crying, he gave her a hug to comfort her, while the adults gave them water and sunscreen to keep them calm and comfortable.

Andrea And Jason

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The people asked the boy if he could describe what his parents looked like or what they were wearing. When he couldn’t, they asked him instead what their parents’ names are. He said they were Andrea and Jason.

Searching For Their Parents

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One of the bikers went to a walking trail to check if the children’s parents were there. The three women and one of the bikers stayed with the children in case the parents suddenly show up, while the biker who was filming went to the visitor center to ask if there were parents who came in looking for their children.

They’re Reunited

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The staff said there wasn’t anyone looking for the two children, so the biker reported the lost kids instead. Thankfully, when he was going back, he passed by a trail and saw that the two children had been reunited with their family.

Watch the worrisome event of finding the two lost kids’ parents in the video below.

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