Woman Sings Pleasing Rendition of Patsy Cline’s Hit Song, “Crazy”

Casi Joy, YouTube

I’m a big fan of listening to covers of my favorite songs. And yet again, here’s a beautiful cover I recommend you listening to featuring the song, “Crazy,” originally by Patsy Cline.

Meet Talented Musician, Casi Joy

Casi Joy is a Nashville, Tennessee-based musician who uses her singing talent to perform charity work for Autism Speaks, Children’s Mercy, Animal Justice League of America, and more.

The singer also has her own YouTube channel where she frequently posts covers of songs.

Her Voice Is So Angelic

As apparent in her cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy,” Casi has some powerful vocal cords.

She Sounds a Lot Like Patsy Herself

Casi is her own person, primarily a country singer, mind you. Yet, she somehow manages to almost sound exactly like Patsy, feels and all! Her voice embodies hers well.

But With Her Own Unique Touches

She still never fails to show off what makes her one-of-a-kind. There’s something different about her voice that I just can’t seem to pinpoint.

Casi Puts So Much Passion into Her Cover

From the gorgeous lighting in the back of the room, to the way she styled her hair for the video, to her facial expressions while singing, it’s clear that Casi Joy really put her all into making this cover.

All in All, the Rendition Was a Success

I can’t find a single problem with this gorgeous cover. I think Casi is pretty proud too. I mean, look at that smile of hers!

The Number of Views on the Video Help Prove the Cover’s Success

Since March 2018, Casi earned 94,000 views and counting on this cover video alone.

And the Comments Section Was Nothing But Love

“I’ve never ever heard a cover of Crazy done this well, and I’ve listened to hundreds. OMG, I’m going to listen to it again,” said one person in the comments.”

“You ought to have a recording contract with a big studio,” another wrote.

It’s a Cover You’ll Definitely Want to Hear

I’m sure that you, too, will have a positive experience listening to Casi Joy’s rendition. Seriously, there’s nothing not to love about it!


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