Zoo Penguins Can’t Resist Their Brand New Bubble Blowing Machine

If there are two things I love, It’d have to be penguins and bubbles. Put the two together, and you have adorable, bubble-loving penguins, which sounds too good to be true, but the penguins at the Newquay Zoo located in Cornwall, England actually meet that criteria.

The Penguins’ Bubble Machine Was Donated By a Generous Zoo Patron

And it’s clear that they’ve loved it from the start! Who knew penguins would be so intrigued?

This Little Fella Can’t Resist Playing With Bubbles

Just look at that smile on his face!

Penguins Outside of Newquay Zoo Also Love These Floating Orbs

These penguins are living at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo in Edinburgh, UK. Fun fact: Edinburgh Zoo has the largest outdoor penguin pool in all of Europe!

What is This Sorcery?

It’s basically floating magic on demand.

Ever Seen Bubbles in Antarctica?

I know I haven’t. That pretty much explains why the penguins are in such awe by the bubble machine. In their climate, the bubbles would be frozen!

But There Still Has to Be Something Wired in Penguins’ Brains to Gravitate Towards Bubbles

We may not know exactly why they love bubbles, but it turns out, there’s more under the surface that we might have realized.

Researchers Claim Bubbles Help Stimulate Penguins’ Reflexes

That one penguin is basically hypnotized by the bubble machine. I guess that’s one way to get his attention, right? And soon enough, he’ll have sharper reflexes!

These Birds Aren’t The Only Bubble-Loving Critters; Primates Apparently Love Them Too

The zoo has tried out the bubble machine on their squirrel monkeys and Sulawesi crested macaques as well. They’re equally as enticed.

Meerkats Are Also Mesmerized By Bubbles!

These adorable critters are located at Dudley Zoo in Dudely, UK.

But Nothing is Cuter Than a Penguin And Bubbles

He’s just the cutest!

If penguins, meerkats, and primates can enjoy bubbles so much, I’d love to get a machine for my cats. Maybe they’d enjoy the stimulation too? Who knows.

Watch the video here and feast your eyes on the adorable penguins below:

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