Pentatonix Does Heart Gushing Cover Of “Amazing Grace”

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Some people don’t agree that “Amazing Grace” is a Christmas song, but this beautiful cover of the song by an acapella group might convince them otherwise.

Christmas Spirit


Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays every year. A lot of people, even kids, prepare for Christmas parties and celebrations and part of this is creating a “lit” Christmas playlist to play during these parties.

Christmas Song Or Not?


There are lots of Christmas songs that get played on repeat during the yuletide season. However, there are some questionable songs that don’t seem to fit the genre but get included in Christmas playlists.

Birth Of Christ


Among these “questionable” songs are Christian or church songs, but if we realize that Christmas is ultimately about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we will start to agree that Christian songs can really pass as Christmas songs.

A New Christmas Album

YouTube, Pentatonix

The acapella group, Pentatonix, released another Christmas album in 2020 called “We Need a Little Christmas,” which is already their 6th Christmas album in their 10 years of singing career.

The Lead Single

YouTube, Pentatonix

One of the songs, and the lead single, in said album, is their version of the classic Christian song, “Amazing Grace.”

Singing In The Forest

YouTube, Pentatonix

The music video of Pentatonix’s “Amazing Grace” was shot in the middle of a forest while the singers wore all-white outfits.

Dramatic Video

YouTube, Pentatonix

The music video begins with Matt Sallee looking into the camera, singing the first lines of the song, “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound” as the other members walk up behind him.

“Absolutely Beautiful”

YouTube, Pentatonix

The band’s distinct acapella sound captivated a lot of viewers. One of them affirmed that “everyone SLAYED their solos!” and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch Pentatonix’s beautiful cover of “Amazing Grace” in the video below.

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