Filipino Factory Owner Helps Grieving Pet Owners Mourn Their Loss With Hyperrealistic Dolls

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Losing the people (or animals) we love is part of life. We cannot avoid the reality that we will say goodbye to them at one point or another.

Part Of The Family


Most people consider their pets as part of their family. Some treat their dogs as their actual babies, while some kids see their pets as one of their siblings.

Losing Someone


We’re pretty sure that if pet owners are given one wish, it would be for their pets to live forever. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in real life, as our fur babies only have limited time here on earth.

Meet David

YouTube, Inside Edition

One of those people who have experienced the grief of losing a pet is David Tan, the owner of the Pampanga Teddy Bear Factory in the Philippines.

His Fur Baby


David had a Golden Retriever who sadly passed away in 2019. That’s when he thought of requesting for his pattern maker to create a plush toy that looks exactly like his late dog.

Remembering Them

YouTube, Inside Edition

Since then, David, together with his 20 employees, started creating customized realistic stuffed toys that their customers may remember their late pets by.

Uncanny Resemblance

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David’s team uses photos of the pet as a reference to create the customized stuffed toy, including distinct markings and silhouettes.

Not Taxidermy


These customized plushies are not taxidermy, and David uses 100% genuine stuffed toy materials used for regular stuffed toys so pet owners can actually cuddle and hold them.

Coping With Grief

YouTube, Inside Edition

A customized stuffed toy costs around 65 dollars and takes about two days to finish, but it is a helpful way for pet owners to mourn the loss of their fur babies.

Watch how David’s team creates unbelievably realistic plushies in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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