Photographer Captures Adorable Photo Of Baby Barn Owl Running

Facebook, Hannie Heere; Beautiful World

Photographs aren’t only meant to capture memories, but they are also sometimes a source of entertainment.

Perfect Subject


Nature is probably one of the best subjects to take pictures of. Its beauty doesn’t need any more filters. It’s already glorious as it is.

Their Weapon


Photographers do wonders with their cameras by capturing beauties we do not usually see in our daily lives. They go to places not everyone has the time or chance to visit, and they take captivating photos of sceneries to share with us.

Meet Hannie

Facebook, Hannie Heere

Hannie Heere is a 63-year-old Dutch wildlife photographer from Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Her Passion


She’s taken interest in photography her whole life but only had the chance to pursue it professionally when her kids grew up, and left home when she was 60 years old.

Investing In Photography


Hannie took some serious photography courses and learned various techniques. Now, she is known for her marvelous pictures of nature and animals.

A Typical Day


One day, Hannie was busy capturing photos of the owls in a barn when she saw something really interesting.

A Running Owl

Facebook, Beautiful World

The senior photographer came across a tiny owl running in the middle of the road. She took a photo of it and captured a perfect shot of the owl. This is an interesting encounter as owls do not flap their wings until they are seven weeks old, so they just hop around until they are ready to try to fly.

People Loved It

The photo was shared online, and people, as expected, found the owl adorably funny. Some memes were even made out of the picture. This just shows how a photograph can really tell a story and even entertain people without saying a word.

Watch some clips below of running owls and see how adorable they are when they run with their tiny feet.

Watch Video Here:

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