Sorry Dogs, Pigs Might Be The New “Man’s Best Friend”

It’s clear to see why dogs are considered a man’s best friend: they’re incredibly loyal. But, according to recent research, pigs may be competing with dogs for that title.

Pigs Are… A Man’s Best Friend?

Researchers at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary found that might just make the perfect pet.

But What About Dogs?

The study was designed to prove dogs as bad pets, but rather, see how pigs compare and contrast to dogs in how they interact with humans.

“…we designed [this] study to compare dogs’ behavior with that of another domestic and social species: the pig,” Perez Fraga of the study said.

Like Dogs, Pigs are Social Animals

In free-range environments, pigs normally live in groups of about eight. But not only do they form close bonds with one another, but they do so with humans too.

Pigs Feature Similar Communicative Signs as Dogs

Some similar communicative signs pigs exhibit when compared to their canine counterparts include tail-wagging, erecting their ears, smiling, nudging, and running quickly.

They’re Also Easy to Train

Some people may consider pigs unintelligent animals, but in reality, they’re super smart. Like dogs, they’re easy to train. Handfuls of pigs around the world have been taught how to sit and perform various tricks.

They Even Solve Problems Better Than Dogs

No shade to dogs, but pigs are incredible at problem-solving.

“Pigs were faster than dogs already in solving the task and getting the reward, perhaps due to their better manipulative capacities. Then, when the task became unsolvable, dogs turned to the humans more than before,” Fraga said after they did on test on the two species involving a task that involved an easy-to-open box containing food inside.

And They’re Oh-So Lovable

Pigs are normally generous, enjoy giving a helping hand, are affectionate, and love a good belly rub or cuddle session with humans!

If Only Getting Your Hands on a Pet Pig Was Easier!

It’s not every day you come across a pig for sale. But hey, if you really want a pet pig, you have to be dedicated to the process of adopting one!

But of Course, You Can’t Deny a Canine

Pigs may be rivals for dogs when it comes to the “man’s best friend” title, but let’s be honest: dogs are still great companions! There’s no denying that.


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