Kailua Family Rescues Pig Stranded At Sea

When you’re out at sea, you expect to see fish, turtles, and even sharks, but this family saw something more special during one of their boat trips.

Boating Day

A family from the town of Kailua usually takes their boat out on a ride for a nice trip out in the water.

Marine Life

They enjoy seeing Hawaii’s rich marine life full of turtles and fishes but they encountered something quite unusual during one of their boat trips.

Is That A Log?

While strolling Kailua’s serene waters, the family spotted a blackish-brown creature, about 2 to 3 feet in length, swimming in the distance and thought is was a log.

No, It’s Not A Log

When they got a closer look, they realized it wasn’t a log, it was actually a pig!

How Did It Get There?

They were, of course, surprised to see a pig in the middle of the sea. One family member said, “We were baffled, wondering how it got there.”

Rescue Mission

The family decided to help the stranded animal. The husband and son grabbed a rope and spent about 45 minutes trying to retrieve the pig from the water.

Meet Miracle

Once aboard, the pig collapsed from exhaustion. The concerned family tended to her and named her Miracle.

She’s Safe

The family drove to a nearby sandbar and offered Miracle some fresh water and food to eat but she was uninterested, perhaps still in shock from what happened.

Thanks, Kind People!

Eventually, the family released Miracle near a wooded area. This time, she had already gained enough energy to stand up and walk. She took a look and explored her surroundings and eventually disappeared into the woods.

Watch how a local family rescued a pig found swimming 2 miles off-shore in the video below.

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