160 Lb Pitt Bull Loves To Be Held And Cuddled

Rumble, Cub_thebabylion

If anyone is able to go back in time and be a little baby all over again, they might be the luckiest person in the world.

Safe And Loved


Cuddling with someone is a gesture of love and protection. It helps your loved ones know that you’re here and willing to shield them from life’s negativities.

A Sign Of Affection


For dogs, cuddling time is one of their favorite moments with their owner.

For Mental Health Wellness


As humans, we sometimes long for company. Those people who live with a pet dog can cuddle with their fur babies anytime. This helps ease a person’s level of stress and loneliness, which is helpful for mental health wellness.

Effects To Dogs


As for dogs, cuddling builds their loyalty and respect toward their owner. So it’s really a win-win situation.

Meet Cub

Rumble, Cub_thebabylion

Cub is a 160 lb Pit Bull who thinks he’s still a little puppy.

His Favorite Time

Rumble, Cub_thebabylion

Cub’s favorite time is cuddle time. He loves sitting on his owner’s lap and snuggling in his best friend’s arms.

A Sweet Dog


Although Pit Bulls are technically fighting dogs, Cub was trained and raised to be a sweet house pet, always wanting cuddles and kisses.

Forever Baby

Rumble, Cub_thebabylion

Like we said earlier, staying young is almost everyone’s dream. As for Cub, staying a little puppy is his dream, and his loving owner makes that possible for him by cuddling with him despite his weight.

Watch Cub and his owner’s adorable cuddling moment in the video below.

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Source: Rumble

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