Concerned Pizza Delivery Guy Saves 90-Year-Old Woman’s Life

YouTube, Inside Edition

It can sometimes be unbelievable when we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Meet Joey

YouTube, Inside Edition

Joey Herrera is a pizza delivery guy for Westshore Pizza in Florida who saved an old lady’s life one day.

Gardening Incident


90-year-old Annie Goshen was cutting flowers in her garden when she tripped over a rock and fell on the ground.

He Saw Her


Joey had just finished a delivery when he spotted someone laying on the ground – it was Annie who was unable to get up from her fall.

A Helping Hand

YouTube, Inside Edition

The kind delivery man immediately helped Annie up and assisted her in getting into her home. He settled her in a living room chair and offered to get her some water.

Calling For Help


Joey called 911 and stayed with Annie until the paramedics arrived to make sure she was okay, and thanks to his concern and quick response, Annie was totally fine when the medics observed her.

They’re Grateful


Annie’s Ring doorbell camera captured the whole encounter, and when her children learned about the young man’s kindness toward their mom, they made sure to thank him.

A Reward


Annie’s children met with Joey to thank him personally and gave him $350 as a reward. They said that if it wasn’t for the young man’s concern, their mom wouldn’t have survived the incident.


YouTube, Inside Edition

Joey’s boss at Westshore Pizza also commended his heroic act and gave him a bonus, which, we can all agree, he really deserved

Watch how a pizza delivery guy became an old woman’s savior in the video below.

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