Researchers Observe How Plants “Talk” To Each Other

The following research is beyond fascinating and brings us a little closer to understanding the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

A Wondrous Discovery

A recent study from Japan has revealed a previously undiscovered facet of the natural world to scientists.

They Can “Talk”

They discovered that plants can indeed talk to each other. How cool!

A Hidden Skill

Although plants are usually known to be quiet creatures, this study demonstrates that they can also be quite chatty.

How It Happens

They can warn nearby plants of impending threats by releasing chemical signals.

Modern Technology

The researchers made plant communication apparent to humans by using fluorescence imaging.

An Important Part

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are essential for plant communication. These compounds, which give flowers and fresh herbs their scents, also play an important role in plant communication by alerting other plants to potential threats and drawing in predators that could prey on their herbivorous attackers.

Warning Signal

Scientists saw how a plant under attack signals to a nearby plant by altering specific plant receptors to glow.

Human-Like Characteristics

This discovery implies that plants can alert one another to threats. It seems that they’re protective of one another, just like how we want to protect our loved ones.

Watch how amazingly plants communicate with one another in the video below.

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