Polar Bear Mom Gives Birth To Twins At A Zoo

Facebook, The Toledo Zoo

Different organizations have been exerting huge efforts in saving endangered species all over the world.

The Toledo Zoo


The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio houses endangered species to help them pro-create and increase their numbers.

They Need Our Help


While it’s true that we should let mother nature take on its course naturally, it’s also a fact that we can help these endangered animals maintain their species by providing a safe and friendly environment for them.

Vulnerable Species


The white polar bear is identified by the United States Endangered Species Act as vulnerable or threatened, with their population estimated to be around 22,000 – 31,000.

Meet Crystal


Crystal is a 24-year-old polar bear at the Toledo Zoo.

Her Partner


The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium consulted the Polar Bear Species Survival Program, and the agency issued a breeding recommendation for Crystal. An 18-year-old male polar bear named Nuka was then welcomed into the zoo last March to become Crystal’s mate.

Newborn Babies

Facebook, The Toledo Zoo

Eventually, Crystal became pregnant and gave birth to two cubs. This is a special event for them as they were the first twin cubs that were born in the zoo.

A Joyful Announcement

Facebook, The Toledo Zoo

Michael Frushour, Toledo Zoo’s Curator of Mammals, said, “Mom (Crystal) is doing everything she can do. Cubs are happy and healthy, warm in their den with mom. (A) really exciting news for Toledo and the TZA Community.”

8th And 9th Babies

Facebook, The Toledo Zoo

Although the zoo couldn’t identify the gender of the cubs yet because they were still being nursed and cuddled by their mom, they were all happy to welcome Crystal’s 8th and 9th cubs into the zoo.

Watch the joyous announcement of Crystal’s birth to her newborn cubs in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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