Pony With Overgrown Hooves Gets To Run Freely Again

Sometimes the long road to recovery is so worth it, and this pony proves exactly that.

Meet Stella

Stella is a beautiful pony with overgrown hooves who lives with two other horses.

They Were Neglected

They belonged to an elderly couple who were not able to provide the adequate care that they needed so they’d lived in neglect for such a long time.

Her Condition

Aside from the overgrown hooves that made her unable to walk properly, her mane was also tangled and uncared for.

Life Of Suffering

Her overgrown hooves would knock against her legs painfully or clash clumsily to the ground. Her every movement served as a constant reminder of years of pain and the pressing need for medical attention and recovery.

Good Samaritans

The rescue team had their hands full when they went on to rescue Stella from her situation. They had to calm her down and firmly confine her before starting the delicate task of cutting and trimming her hooves.

Long Process

Stella’s overgrown hooves required two hours of meticulous sawing labor to remove, but thanks to the rescue team’s hard work and dedication, it was a mission success!

Adjustment Period

Stella’s hooves had grown extremely long, but amazingly, they had not distorted her feet. When she was freed from her overgrown hooves, she walked funny at first, still getting used to raising her feet high.

She’s Now Free!

Stella’s gait eventually returned to normal, and she stopped having to lift her feet so high. She now has increased speed and agility and can run, stroll, and turn.

Watch how the rescue team changed Stella’s life in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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