Thoughtful Grandson Self-Publishes Grandma’s Unpublished 50-Year-Old Book

It was a moment of pure, unexpected bliss, and an amazing realization of a dream.

Meet Barbara

Barbara Rieco is a loving grandma to her talented and thoughtful grandson, Chad.

A Masterpiece

Years ago, Barbara created a manuscript titled “More, More, More” – a story about friendship between two girls from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

It Was Unpublished

Sadly, all she received years ago were publisher’s letters declining to publish her work. Yet Barbara preserved each one with an undying spirit.

His Mission

Ever since he found out about his grandma’s story, Chris has made it his mission to bring her story to life.

It’s Out

With his talent for multimedia production and a heart full of love for his grandma, Chris created Barbara’s book, self-published it, and surprised her with a copy.

Her Reaction

Upon realizing what her grandson’s gift was, Barbara became so overwhelmed with emotions that she couldn’t speak. “This is probably the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me in my entire life,” she said.

Top 1

When the first copies of her book came out, it immediately climbed to the top of the bestseller list. And when Barbara realized her book was number one in children’s multicultural literature, she felt both elated and shocked.


This journey meant a lot of things to Barbara. Her grandson’s touching affirmation of her longtime love of storytelling became a source of great joy for her, and their relationship, which was forged by this little project, was a stunning example of family, love, and support.

Watch Barbara’s touching reaction after seeing a physical copy of her book for the first time in the video below.

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