Homeless Man Surrenders Abandoned Litter Of Puppies And Leaves A Heartfelt Note

This story speaks to aspects of empathy, resiliency, and the surprising ways that deeds of kindness may spread throughout a community, making it much more than just a news story.

Where’s Mom?

The story started when a mother dog got hit by a car, causing her to leave her newborn puppies behind.

Good Samaritan

Fortunately, a homeless man with a kind heart came across the poor puppies. He couldn’t stand to imagine these little fur babies going through what their mother had.

So He Did Something

The man decided to surrender the puppies to the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society.

His Story

He also penned a handwritten message and left it at the shelter with the puppies. It said, “Please help! I found these puppies sadly after noticing a local stray dog that I would often feed when I could, dead by the road. She had been hit by a car. I knew from feeding her that she had puppies somewhere and after searching where I would usually see her I found them.”

His Situation

He admitted that as much as he wanted to take care of the puppies himself, he just couldn’t because of his living situation. He said, “I’m sorry for leaving them like this but I myself am homeless and cannot afford to care for them… My heart shatters for them and their mother. I just want them to be given the chance their mother like myself, was never given.”

A New Mission

Chelsea Schulz, the manager at the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, made it the shelter’s mission to honor the man’s wish by taking good care of the puppies.

Little Babies

The puppies, on the other hand, with their distinct personalities and charms, soon came to represent resiliency and optimism that were first shown by the man who found them.

Butterfly Effect

The response from the community was equally touching. People from various walks of life came forward with gifts and assistance to support the shelter, which shows that one act of compassion can inspire countless others.

Watch how a homeless man’s random act of kindness brought inspiration to lots of people in the video below.

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