Two Puppies Stay With Each Other Until They Are Rescued

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Having someone to face life’s challenges with can make things a lot easier and better.

Sibling Love


Like humans, animals count on their families too, for support and comfort, especially when they know that all they have is one another.

Best Friends


The Spruce Pets says that dogs love having another dog in the house that will be with them when their owner is away. It doesn’t only enhance their health and mood, but it also helps in their overall development when they have another animal best friend in the house.

Meet Teddy And Bear

YouTube, stray city

Teddy and Bear are rescue puppies who were unexpectedly found beneath the grass.

Casual Ride

YouTube, stray city

A man was just riding his bicycle one day when he heard crying beside the riverside path.

A Tiny Pup

YouTube, stray city

The man stopped his bicycle to search for it, and he found a cute little puppy that he named Teddy. However, before he could finally get Teddy, the little puppy took off running.

He Followed Him

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When he finally caught up to Teddy, he heard another cry. As it turns out, there was another puppy beneath the grass, which he named Bear.

Rescuing Teddy And Bear

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The man gave them food, which they ate enthusiastically as they probably haven’t eaten for a couple of days already. Eventually, Stray City posted an update about Teddy and Bear playing together, now both healthy.

Through Thick And Thin

YouTube, stray city

Those who have seen the puppies’ story were moved that Teddy didn’t leave without his brother, which shows the kind of brotherly love they have for each other.

Watch how Teddy and Bear were found and rescued in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

Source: Animal Channel

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