Dad And Son Read Comedic Book “Don’t Push The Button” Together

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Learning starts at a young age, and it’s not hard for a toddler especially if a hands-on parent is present.

The Benefits Of Reading


Reading to a toddler helps the child to have a large vocabulary of words, and understand sounds that make up words.

Introducing The Alphabet


Before expecting a little baby to understand the alphabet, it’s helpful to read a creative children’s book to them first.

Dad And Son Bonding


Dads have different ways of bonding with their little versions (A. K. A., their sons). Sometimes, they go on outdoor adventures with them. Other times, they just read books indoors.

Fun Time With Dad

Rumble, DailyDadding

This dad and his 2-year-old son, Logan, read “Don’t Push The Button” by Bill Cotter, and they’re making the most out of it.

Making Learning Fun


As reading helps teach children about communication, it’s important to make it fun like what this dad does.

It Became Crazy

Rumble, DailyDadding

After trying to read the book seriously for a few seconds, the duo couldn’t help but show their craziness during their reading time.

Stirring Their Imagination


Reading to children at an early age stirs their creativity, curiosity, and ignites their imagination.

Doing Things Together


Childhood plays an important role in someone’s character, and having a parent present during their forming years is helpful to boost a toddler’s learning progress.

Watch the dad and his son’s fun learning time together in the video below.

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