Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets On The 27th Week Of Her Pregnancy

Seeing your babies, your little angels, for the first time is the most magical moment for a parent.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Freels is a 27-year-old first-time mom from Washington. She and her husband, Graham, went through years of infertility before they finally got pregnant.

It’s Time

Stephanie was expecting to give birth in the 34th week of her pregnancy, but surprisingly, she went into labor when she was just 27 weeks along.

At The Hospital

Graham was rattled when he realized what was happening. He quickly arranged their overnight bag and rushed into Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona where they learned that Stephanie’s cervix was already 6 centimeters dilated, which meant she was already in full-on labor mode.

Their Team

There were about 20 people in the delivery room who helped Stephanie give birth. Their team included surgeons, neonatologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and Dr. John Elliott, a perinatologist who specializes in high-order multiple pregnancies.

Anxiety Kicked In

Graham was the most anxious among everyone in the room. “I was petrified about the whole situation,” Graham said. Stephanie even shared a hilarious story about her delivery. She said, “I wasn’t needing my oxygen mask at that point, so they gave him my oxygen mask.”

Meet The Quintuplets

After a successful C-section, the proud parents finally got to say hi to their five newborns – Adelyn, Eliana, Linnea, Harper, and Fisher – before they were taken to the NICU.

Happy Mama

Stephanie was overjoyed to finally meet her babies. She said, “I couldn’t believe they were once all inside of me.” It was more special because she knew how hard it was for them to finally conceive, but thankfully, on their fourth try of intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), Stephanie got pregnant.

Life As New Parents

After the quintuplets spent 76 days in the NICU, they got back home on an airplane ride, which the newborns enjoyed sleeping in. Now, even with sleepless nights and 50 diaper changes a day, Stephanie and Graham enjoy the blessing of parenthood because of their little angels.

Watch the story of how Stephanie successfully gave birth to her five babies in the video below.

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