Physically Fit Senior Finishes 5K Race Days After Her 100th Birthday

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Health is wealth, and those people who know and take this seriously go to many places.

Meet Mick

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Mick Roberts is an incredible grandma who has a healthy lifestyle that pushed her to finish several-kilometer races with ease.

She’s A Centenarian


Just a few days after her 100th birthday, Mick joined a 5k run and finished it in just 56 minutes.

Her Routine

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Her daily routine was probably what made the race so easy for her. She walks two to three miles a day and even asks her son and daughter-in-law to walk with her sometimes.

Her Only Family

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Her son, Chuck, and his wife, Donna, are the only family she has as she has already lost her husband and two sons.

Quality Time

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Chuck and Donna would visit her at the senior living center at Saybrook at Haddam and walk with her as part of their quality time together.

She Leads The Way


The couple agrees that Mick is a better athlete than them. Donna said, “She’s leading the way here. She’ll lead us and we just follow and that just says it all. She’s healthy, no medication at 100 years old that’s just amazing.”

She’s A Role Model

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Donna would also use Mick as an example to encourage her kids to be physically active as well. She said, “It obviously sets the bar pretty high so when my kids say, ‘oh no we don’t want to run the Manchester Road Race this year,’ I’m (like) grandma did the 5K so you people are running.”

Living Her Best Life

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Mick’s long and healthy life is indeed an inspiration to others. She encourages people to live life one day at a time, especially during challenging times, while also reminding them to find joy at every stage of their journey by wearing a smile.

Watch how Mick finished a 5k race with so much ease in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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