Kind Business-Owner Builds Ramp For Wheelchair-Bound Girl

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Because of the bad things that are happening around the world, it’s quite hard to trust people nowadays, but small acts of kindness like this will definitely restore your faith in humanity once more.

Everyday Struggle

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

A wheelchair-bound teenage girl in High Point, North Carolina named Almay has a hard time getting on and off the school bus every day because of her physical limitations.

Her Dad Helps

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Her dad, Anthony Belton, helps her every single day. When she gets home from school, he waits for her outside the house so he can help her get in as the stairs up to the home are inaccessible for her alone.

Tough Routine


Anthony admits that it’s not an easy everyday task. He said, “It was kind of hard mostly on her, because basically she’s going up and down the steps, so basically constantly bumping and dumping down the steps, and you see her jumping and jumping. Then at the same time, it’s hard on me, dealing with my back and I’m getting older, not younger.”

Random Visitor


One day, a man knocked on the Beltons’ door and introduced himself as Joe Hill who turns out to be the owner of Premier Waterproofing and was in the area doing some work when he saw the bus stop situation.

His Offer

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Joe asked Anthony, “Would you mind if I come out here and just built you a ramp for nothing?” Anthony said, “And he kind of got me. I kind of looked at him funny and said, Yeah, there’s got to be a catch to it. Ain’t nothing for nothing. Haha.”

He Came Back

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

That next Monday, Joe indeed showed up at the house with a crew and started building a ramp for the Beltons and did not ask for anything in return.

They’re Grateful

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Anthony was overwhelmed by the stranger’s act of kindness. The look on Almay’s face when she realized she is now able to come up to the house all by herself was truly moving. Anthony said, “All I can say is nothing in the world that can put a smile on dad’s face than seeing his kids smile, especially seeing something that she’s going to enjoy. Nothing.”

Opportunity To Help

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Joe was humbled by the family’s reaction. He said, “I saw a need, and I knew I could take care of it, went from there.”

Watch how a random stranger changed Almay and her family’s lives in the video below.

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