Woman With Alzheimer’s Recognizes Husband In Old Wedding Photo

True love is everlasting. It does not forget and does not fade over time.

Meet Joshua

Joshua Pettit is a TikTok user from North Carolina who has a great relationship with both of his parents.

His Content

With over 265,000 followers on TikTok, he usually shares videos of his mom with Alzheimer’s in hopes of sharing awareness of how her day-to-day life goes.

Women’s Disease

More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, most of whom are women. It is one of the most common types of dementia and usually affects people of old age.

Life With Alzheimer’s

It’s heartbreaking to witness a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s as they won’t be able to remember even those who are closest to them at times.

Betty And Bob

Joshua’s parents, Betty and Bob, still manage to live in love despite Betty’s condition, and it’s probably because of the loving and caring environment that her family provides for her.

Casual Morning

One morning, after having their breakfast, Joshua, Betty, and Bob were hanging out in the kitchen when Joshua suddenly pointed out his dad’s apron that had their old wedding photo on it.

Who’s That

The two men tried to challenge Betty’s memory by asking her if she knew who those people were. Surprisingly, she remembered that the guy was his husband, Bob, however, she admitted that she didn’t know who the woman he was with.

It’s You!

When Joshua and Bob told her that the woman was her when she was young, Betty got flattered as if she suddenly remembered how magical their wedding day was. Then all of them shared a hearty laughter in the warmth of their home.

Watch Betty’s reaction when she was asked about her husband’s apron in the video below.

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