Frightened Rescued Beagle Finds A Loving Forever Home

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Some people have no idea that animals have emotions too. When they go through troubling situations, they also get traumatized and lose their faith and trust in humans.

Meet Ella

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Ella is a rescued beagle who spent her whole life in a cage while being experimented on.

A Tragic Past


She was rescued by the Human Society of the United States along with 4000 other beagles from a facility in Cumberland, Virginia, where they were bred and sold to laboratories to be experimented on.

Tough Start

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Ella was taken in by a foster parent named Lori. It was hard for them at first because Ella was too scared to trust her surroundings. She was shaking during her first days with Lori.

Can’t Go Out


Ella didn’t move for five days and just sat in the same spot in the corner of the couch for days unless Lori carried her outside.

Slow Progress

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Eventually, Ella started to become trusting. She would wag her tail whenever she was excited. She became playful and started playing with the buttons on the back of Lori’s couch.

She Gave Her A Toy


One of the things Ella loved playing with was a tennis ball, so Lori thought of giving her an oversized one. However, Ella only barked at it as she had no idea what to do with a huge ball like that.

Goofy Dog

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Ella stayed with Lori for four weeks, and it was all the time she needed to adjust and let out her goofy side. Now, she’s ready to find her forever home.

Adoption Day

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When it was finally the way when Lori had to drop Ella off with her new family, she was in tears as she was sad to see the dog go. However, she was confident that this loving family will be able to provide Ella with the best home she deserves.

Watch how Ella transformed from being a frightened dog into a carefree and goofy dog in the video below.

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