Resourceful Dad Weaves Son’s Backpack

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A father’s love doesn’t end with just providing for his family. It goes beyond doing anything for the welfare of his kids.

Best Dad


Every child who is lucky enough to grow up in a healthy and complete family will agree that their dads are the best in the whole world in terms of loving them and looking after their family.

An Improving Nation


The country of Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In 2007, almost 50% of the nation lived in poverty, but by 2014, the poverty rate had significantly fallen to 13.5%.

Meet NY

Facebook, Sophous September

NY Keng is a five-year-old Cambodian who’s fortunate enough to have access to education.

His Needs


Considering that there are some things NY needed for school, his father, who is a farmer, went to the store to buy him school supplies.

Not Worth The Price


NY’s dad saw the prices of the backpacks and thought that the quality is not worth the expensive price of the bags.

So He Used His Skills

YouTube, Viral Press

NY’s dad got some raffia strings instead, which he had a lot of on the farm, and started weaving a backpack for his son.

Finished Product

Facebook, Sophous September

Eventually, NY’s dad had created a bag that was just as efficient as the more expensive ones in the store.

Impressive Work


When NY went to school, his teacher, Sophous Suon, was so amazed at his backpack that she posted it on Facebook.

Watch how NY’s dad personally weaved his backpack for him in the video below.

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