Friendly Triplets Reunite With Their Garbage Collector Friend

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True friendships don’t fade through time. As a matter of fact, time apart should only strengthen the relationship even more.

Adorable Kiddos


Triplets Olivia, Emma, and Axel from Orlando, Florida grew up with such kind and pure souls. They get along with everyone they encounter, and they easily capture people’s hearts with their charm.

A Routine

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When they were toddlers, the triplets’ favorite time of the week was when the garbage truck would come to collect their trash, and because they’d formed a habit of always waiting for it excitedly, they’d become friends with one of the workers.

Meet Tony

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Tony Parks, a neighborhood garbage collector, was one of the guys who would pass by the triplets’ house to collect the garbage, and he has made good friends with the three toddlers.

They Bonded

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The four of them bonded so well. He would let them honk the horn of the garbage truck and race down the street with them.

A Sad News


Sadly, Tony’s route changed, which meant he would no longer be able to see the triplets regularly.

Time Passed

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Because everyone in the neighborhood knew about Tony’s friendship with the children, the city of Orlando arranged for him to make a special stop at their house one day so that they could see each other again.

They Waited For Him

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Just like the old times, the triplets stood in front of their house, waiting for Tony’s garbage truck, and when he finally came to a stop and got off the truck, they all greeted him with sweet hugs.

Exchanging Gifts

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On that day, the four friends were able to do the things they used to do. Tony once again let them honk the garbage truck’s horn, and they raced down the street again. Not only that, but the kids also gave Tony some gifts – drawings they made the day before.

His Gift

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Of course, Tony also had something for his little friends. He gave them miniature city of Orlando garbage trucks and t-shirts to remember him and their friendship by.

Watch Tony’s and the triplets’ sweet reunion after years apart in the video below.

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