Missing Dog Gets Reunited With Mom After Two Weeks

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For people who treat their dogs as their own children, it’s really stressful when their fur babies go missing.

Best Buddies


We usually say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but some people see their dogs as more than just a friend. Like with their own baby, they become so emotionally invested in them that they’re willing to do anything to make sure they’re always safe.

Meet Ashley


Ashley is one of Brittney Novicks’s four dogs who shares a special kind of bond.

An Incident


One day, Ashley went missing and was believed to have run out of their home in Savannah, Georgia through a door left open by the dog-sitter.

Missing Ashley


People came looking for Ashley. Even Brittney was up until 2 AM looking for her, but they didn’t hear anything about the missing dog until two weeks later.

She Got A Call


Eventually, Brittney received a call from someone who saw her post about Ashley going missing and tipped that she saw the same dog on the Halifax Humane Society Inc.’s Facebook page.

Long Adventure


Brittney immediately called Halifax Humane Society Inc. which told her that her dog was found in Daytona Beach, Florida which is 200 miles away from home.

She Almost Got Adopted

YouTube, The Dodo

Ashley had been renamed Kit at the shelter and was about to be adopted with two prospective families waiting for her.

Reunited At Last

YouTube, The Dodo

When Brittney arrived, Ashley was ecstatic to see her. She started jumping up and down and was barking at the glass and jumping up against it. When the door between them was opened, she instantly ran right over to her mom.

Source: Animal Channel

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