Sad Husky Finds New Babies To Take Care Of After Losing Her Own Little Ones

Belle’s transformation from a troubled young pup into a devoted, watchful foster mother to a variety of tiny creatures is highly inspiring.

Meet Belle And Winston

Belle and her blind Chihuahua friend named Winston were found braving a blizzard in Minnesota.

Sad Past

Local animal control officers recognized them as having been picked up before after escaping from their previous home.

“No Dog Left Behind”

Belle and Winston were then taken in by No Dog Left Behind (NDLB), a canine rescue organization in Minnesota whose mission is to rescue neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs, and give them a chance to find a loving forever home.

Foster Mom

Stephanie Easley is a foster parent with NDLB and took Belle and Winston under her care. But Belle wasn’t trusting right away; after her difficult history, she displayed aggressive behavior and was naturally apprehensive of strangers.

New Life

Fortunately, Stephanie and her husband were patient with Belle. They gave her space and time and waited for her to come to them. Eventually, Belle warmed up to her foster parents and became calm enough to safely interact with children.

New Home

Belle’s transformation led Stephanie and her husband to finally adopt her. In the long run, they’ve noticed lots of changes in Belle’s demeanor, including her maternal instincts kicking in.

New Babies

After having her own puppies taken away, Belle’s maternal instincts persisted. When Stephanie’s family started fostering bunnies, Belle was very protective and affectionate toward them, treating them as if they were her own children.

Strict Mom

She was constantly on the lookout and prepared to growl if she thought someone was going to take the bunnies away. Her watchfulness made sure these tiny animals were in the best of “paws”.

Watch how Belle’s life turned around from being a lost and traumatized dog into a loving and nurturing foster mom in the video below.

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