Kindhearted Girl Saves Stray Dog On Her Way Home

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Some people may not believe that angels exist, but others believe that they do – it’s just that they exist in the form of little children who do kind things to both people and animals during random moments.

A Rainy Day

YouTube, Vale dos Pets

One rainy day, Mayane Rodrigues saw a young girl from across her apartment in Brazil. The girl set down her umbrella and took off her jacket.

A Little Pup

YouTube, Vale dos Pets

A few moments later, Mayane saw a drenched stray puppy at the girl’s feet. She watched as the girl carry the puppy in her arms like a fragile little baby.

She Went Home

YouTube, Vale dos Pets

The young girl walked away with the little puppy in her arms. Mayane couldn’t forget what she saw. She said, “It all happened so quickly. It was very emotional.”

Looking For Her


Mayane recorded a video of the encounter and she sent it to a friend who also shared the clip with a neighborhood group, which led to them finding out who the young girl was.

Meet Cibely

Instagram, cibely_stieglmayer

As it turns out, the young girl in the video was 12-year-old Cibely Stiegelmair, who was on her way home from school on that rainy day.

Her Mom’s Reaction


Cibely’s mom, Rejane Stiegelmair, said she was surprised when her daughter came home that day. She said, “I was startled when she arrived with the puppy because she was very sweaty and wet from the rain. There was blood on her shirt. I thought she had been hurt, but she told me she found the puppy injured.”

Welcome To The Family

Instagram, cibely_stieglmayer

Rejane also said that Cibely has always had a heart for dogs without homes. She said she’d want to rescue all of them if she could, like what she did for the puppy she saved that day, who’s now named Pretinha.

Little Angels


Because of Cibely’s kindness, Pretinha’s life was changed, and we can also do the same for stray dogs we encounter every day by being kind to them and giving them food or water when we can.

Watch the video of how Cibely saved Pretinha from the sidewalk in the video below.

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Source: Animal Channel

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