Desperate Man Breaks Into School To Save More Than 20 People From Blizzard

YouTube, NBC New York

Desperate situations call for desperate measures, and this guy did what he needed to do to save his and 20 other people’s lives.

Rescuing A Friend


A man named Jay Withey drove out into a heavy blizzard in Buffalo, New York, on December 23rd to try and help a friend but ended up being stranded himself.

Finding A Shelter


The 27-year-old mechanic desperately knocked on doors in a Cheektowaga neighborhood and was offering to give $500 to have shelter from the blizzard, but he was denied 10 times.

Temporary Shelter


Jay slept in his truck with two strangers that night. However, the next morning he and the others were already running out of gas, which meant they would run out of heat as well.

A Desperate Call


A few moments later, Jay saw Pine Hill School nearby. He found seven elderly people who were also in their cars in the parking lot of the school, and they were also running out of gas.

Breaking In


Jay made the decision to break the window of the school so they could go inside and find heat and food.

Saving Others


They turned off the school’s alarm and found blankets and food. Jay then went out into the cold again to look for other people who might need help.

Celebrating Christmas

YouTube, NBC New York

Jay was able to bring more than 20 people (and 2 dogs) inside. They stayed at the school on Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day until the snow was already tolerable.

He Left A Note

YouTube, NBC New York

Jay used the school’s snowblowers to blow the snow away from his car and then left a note at the school apologizing for the break-in because he “had to do it to save everyone.” The Cheektowaga Police Department, on the other hand, wanted to find him and honor him “for his going above and beyond actions that saved lives.”

Watch how Jay’s survival skills helped save 20+ people’s lives in the video below.

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