Talented Carolina Shag Dancers Impress The Audience With Their Footwork

YouTube, The OPEN Swing Dance Championships

Dancing is already fun itself, but it’s even more enjoyable when you’re doing it with a group while winning awards.

Joy In Dancing


Whether you’re dancing just for fun or professionally, we can all agree that it is one of the most fun ways of expressing yourself in an emotional manner.

Grab A Partner


When performing dances that require a partner, it’s important that you are conscious of each other’s movements and body language, and the same applies when you’re dancing with a group.

The Carolina Shag


The Carolina shag is a partner dance performance to beach music. Today, it is a dance acknowledged in national and international dance competitions.

The Junior Shag Dance Team

YouTube, The OPEN Swing Dance Championships

The Junior Shag Dance Team is a group of 12-17-year-old Carolina Shag Dancers from North and South Carolina who travel around the world to perform and compete.

A Group Of Champions


The group was formed in 2008 by Brennar Goree, and they’ve been 5-time US Open Formation Team Champions, 7-time USA Grand National Team Champions, and, Australian Open Formation Team Champions.

Another Win

YouTube, The OPEN Swing Dance Championships

In a 2019 OPEN performance, the Carolina Shag Dancers showed off their incredible routine to Rickie Lee Jones’ “Danny’s All-Star Joint,” Aretha Franklin’s epic song “Think,” and The James Cotton Band’s “How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong.”

They Added Some Twists

YouTube, The OPEN Swing Dance Championships

Even if the steps for the Carolina Shag are fairly simple, the Carolina Shag Dancers added some flair to their routine as they boogied their way across the dance floor in their hot pink jumpsuits and black dress shirts and pants.

First Placers

YouTube, The OPEN Swing Dance Championships

As expected, the Carolina Shag Dancers won first place in the 2019 OPEN Team Formation category with their jaw-dropping performance.

Check out their incredible dance routine in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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