Grandma And Grandson Dress Up In Silly Costumes

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Grandparents have a special place in their hearts that’s dedicated to their grandchildren.

Meet Ross And Granny

Instagram, rosssmith

27-year-old Ross Smith and his 93-year-old “Granny” have a special bond that they celebrate through dressing up in matching silly costumes.

How It Started

Instagram, rosssmith

Ross started having his grandmother join his online posts about 6 years ago. He was already creating short videos for Vine when one post where his grandmother was making a basketball shot captured a lot of interest. So they teamed up to create more entertaining content.

Go Little Rockstar

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Ross has posted a lot of their pictures together in matching funny costumes. One example was when they dressed up as a rock band and when they asked what they should call their band, a fan suggested, “Near Death Metal.”

Bunny And Egg

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When Easter came, Ross and Granny didn’t forget to have their pictures taken as an Easter bunny and an Easter egg that’s just hatched.

Trick Or Treat Partners

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On Halloween, the grandma and grandson duo dressed up for trick or treat and called themselves the “Thug Pumpkin” and the “Savage Scarecrow”.

Big Ol’ Turkey

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Ross and Granny also celebrated Thanksgiving in 2018 by dressing up according to the occasion with granny as the turkey and Ross as a “Pimpin Pilgrim.”

Travel Buddies

Instagram, rosssmith

Of course, the hilarious duo also goes on trips, and they definitely didn’t forget to have a photoshoot in gladiator costumes when they went to Rome in June 2019.

Gran On The Gram


All of their entertaining photos can be found on Ross’s Instagram, but you can check out one of their funny videos below where Granny pranked some college students.

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