Concerned Officer Dives Into The River To Save Father And Daughter From Sinking Vehicle

Every day is a good day to save lives.

Not Just An Officer

Our noble officers in uniform have an intensive job to serve and protect, but this does not end in locking up criminals in jail – sometimes, it also involves risking their own lives for other people’s sake.

Police On Patrol

Officer Edward Butterworth of the Norristown Police Department in Pennsylvania was patrolling Riverfront Park when something in the water caught his attention.

An Emergency

He was rattled when he saw a pickup truck sinking into the river.


He, together with the other officers, immediately got his clothes from their patrolling vehicle and got ready to jump into the water.

Can You Swim?

A young woman was seen paddling her way onto the water’s edge. An officer asked her if she could swim, to which the young woman worriedly answered, “No.”

A Challenging Rescue

Officer Butterworth dove into the water and swam toward the sinking truck. It was an intense moment to witness as the river’s current was tugging and pulling him away, but this didn’t hold the noble officer back.

They’re Safe

Once he reached the sinking vehicle, he pulled the stranded passengers out and helped them make their way toward the river’s edge.

Thanks, Officer

After the successful rescue, the father and daughter were now safe on dry land, and they’re immensely grateful to Officer Butterworth for being their hero.

Watch how Officer Butterworth braved the current and became a hero in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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