Rescued 3-Day-Old Skunk Grows Up And Returns To The Wild

This story is not only about overcoming life’s toughest challenges, but it’s also a celebration of life’s beauty.

Meet Bojo

Bojo is a tiny 3-day-old skunk who had to face the tough reality of life at such a VERY young age.

His Story

Just three days after being born into the world, he was snatched from his nest by a crow, taking him away from his family and endangering his health and life.

Rescuing Bojo

The staff at River Wildlife Rescue stepped in and provided him with the prompt care and warmth he so badly needed at the time.

Tiny Baby

He weighed only 27 grams, which made him one of the tiniest and most fragile beings the rescuers had ever seen.

Recovery Process

Despite not being sure if he would survive, the rescuers did everything they could to give him a fighting chance at life.

He Fought

Eventually, Bojo began to thrive, thanks to the love and meticulous care the rescuers generously provided him with.

Back On His Feet

Weeks went by, and he started forming bonds with other skunks in rehabilitation, which was an essential step in his reintegration into the wild.

Thank You, Kind Humans

The rescuers made a “soft release” for him to gradually go back into the wild. Now, he’s fully adapted and living independently and embracing his natural instincts, but from time to time, he’s being spotted making a quick visit to the people who gave him a chance to live.

Watch how Bojo transformed from being a fragile baby skunk into a thriving and independent one in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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