Stray Sloth Clings To Highway Barrier Until Help Arrives

Comision de Transito del Ecuador

They say that patience is a virtue. Well, we can be sure that it’s an important thing to have when you’re crossing a busy highway.

Crossing The Street


A lot of people are afraid of crossing the street. Moreso, getting to the other side of a highway.

Wandering Animal


Unlike most of us who have to use a footbridge or an underpass to cross a busy highway, an innocent sloth decided to get to the other side of a freeway in Ecuador through a shortcut.

Not Your Typical Sloth


Sloths are typically found in the forest canopy sunbathing, sleeping, or feeding on leaves, but this one seems to be an adventurous sloth.

He Got Afraid

Comision de Transito del Ecuador

However, he got afraid and decided to cling to the freeway barrier.

Officers Found Him

Comision de Transito del Ecuador

Good thing the officers from the Transit Commission of Ecuador found him there.

Rescuing Him

Comision de Transito del Ecuador

The Transit Commission affirmed that they were able to rescue the sloth and get him off the road and back to safety.

Checking His Health


The sloth was also checked out by a veterinarian, who reassured that the mammal was in healthy condition.

Coming Back Home


In no time, the sloth was back to his habitat, and we hope he won’t wander as far as the dangerous freeway anymore.

Watch the news about the wandering sloth in the video below.

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Source: Reshareworthy

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