Smart Dog Attends To Tired Owner’s Needs

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Having someone to go home to after a tiring day is the best feeling ever.

Hardworking Dogs


Australian Shepherds are hardworking dogs and they are happiest when they have a job to do.

Wonderful Companions


The “Aussie,” as they are called, can be brilliant family companions if their intelligence and energy are used in dog sports or activities.

Training Smart


Dog-owners take pride in training their buddies to do either entertaining or helpful tricks.

Long Day At Work

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A man comes home to his Australian Shepherd who knows exactly what to do to ease his owner’s exhaustion from work.

Let Me Get Those Socks

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The smart dog goes ahead and takes off his owner’s socks and closes the door.

What’s For Dinner?

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After seeing that the guy is now comfortable, the furry friend hands him his bagged food and bottled drink so he can enjoy his dinner in bed.

Time For A Cuddle

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Now that his tasks are done, the loyal dog gets on the bed and snuggles into his human friend.

Stress-Free Life


If all of us have this kind of companion to go home to after an exhausting day, it’s hard to imagine a stressful life anymore.

Watch how smart dogs can be when properly trained in the video below.

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